16 Word for iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Word shortcuts for iPad

If you use Microsoft Word for iPad, you can improve your typing experience and workflow by learning and remembering many different keyboard shortcuts to perform many commonly used tasks, from applying styles to changing text or navigating within the Word document itself.

To use these keyboard shortcuts for Word for iPad, you obviously need to connect a hardware keyboard to your iPad, but it can be any external iPad keyboard, be it a Bluetooth keyboard, a case for an iPad keyboard, or a Smart Keyboard. Regardless of whether you use Word from iPad on the go or use the iPad on the table, if you have a physical keyboard connected to the iPad, these shortcuts will be available to you.

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word on iPad

  • Cancel – Team Z
  • Redo – Team Y
  • Save – Team S
  • Cancel – ESC *
  • Find – Team F
  • Select All – Team A
  • Bold – Team B
  • Italics – Team I
  • Underline – U Command
  • Copy – Team C
  • Paste – Team V
  • Normal Style – Option N Command
  • Style 1 – Team Option 1
  • Style 2 – Team Option 2
  • Style 3 – Team Option 3
  • Word document navigation – arrow keys (up, down, left, right)

Anytime you are in Word for iPad, you can also hold the COMMAND key to see a short list of available shortcut keys.

Shortcuts for Microsoft Word for iPad

You may have noticed that many of the keyboard shortcuts on the iPad are the same as on the Mac, such as copying and pasting, repeating and undoing, saving or bold and italicized selected text — this allows you to easily switch between Mac and iPad, and It should be noted that these labels apply to Microsoft Word.

* It turns out that the Apple Smart Keyboard does not have an ESC / Escape key, and many third-party keyboards for the iPad also do not have. You can learn how to type Escape on iPad keyboards here if you are interested, or you can get another keyboard that has an Escape key.

Many iPad apps have powerful keyboard shortcuts available after the keyboard is connected to an iPad, and purchasing a physical keyboard for a tablet is certainly a useful addition for iPad users who plan to use the iPad for any serious typing, text editing or processing tasks. text. You can explore the many Safari keyboard shortcuts for iPad or Chrome, Notes, Files, keyboard shortcuts on iPad screenshots, or explore any other keyboard shortcuts related to this topic.

If you know other useful keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word on iPad, share them with us in the comments!

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