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If you use Spotify to stream music, over time you may find that the Spotify application increases the amount of local cache, which can sometimes increase. These audio cache files can cause the Spotify application to take up a lot of space on an iPhone or iPad. But, fortunately, Spotify offers simple functionality hidden in the application that makes it easy to remove the entire local cache from Spotify, which is a very useful tool for freeing up some storage space.

You can also use this trick to simply see how much space the Spotify cache takes.

How to delete cache from Spotify on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Spotify app, then go to Spotify Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the corner.
  2. How to delete cache from Spotify on iPhone or iPad

  3. Select "Storage"
  4. How to delete cache from Spotify on iPhone or iPad

  5. Select the Delete Cache button *
  6. How to delete cache from Spotify on iPhone or iPad

  7. Confirm that you want to delete and clear the entire cache from Spotify
  8. How to delete cache from Spotify on iPhone or iPad

* Please note that you can also see the Spotify cache shared storage on this storage screen, where you initiate a cache delete.

How much cache storage Spotify takes depends on many factors, including how often Spotify is used to stream music and sound, the sound quality settings for Spotify used by the application, and other factors.

Although iOS does not have an empty cache function either for iOS or for most applications (although the cache can be cleared in Safari for iOS), nor for “other” storage devices in iOS, fortunately, some third-party applications do delete manual cache features. Third-party applications with the ability to clear the cache include the aforementioned Spotify, Google Maps, Twitter and many others, although many others do not have this feature. However, you can remove “Documents and Data” from iOS apps, which can ease the storage load a little if you work especially hard, although this is not an ideal mechanism.

For applications that do not have separate cache removal functions (and most of them do not), you can use the stupid workaround to download the cache from Instagram and other infamous storage handlers by effectively removing the application and reinstalling it. Admittedly, this is far from ideal, but as long as application developers do not offer a built-in cache removal feature, or until Apple adds the cache deletion feature to the iOS system settings, sometimes these fancy workarounds are required.

Most users will never have to deal with the situation when it is necessary to clear the cache memory from their devices, but if you find that the memory on the iPhone or iPad is not working enough or is full, sometimes clearing application caches can return a significant amount of free space. storage on the device, so this may be a useful trick to know.

We certainly concentrated on Spotify for iOS, but probably the same for Android, although Android itself usually offers a separate built-in system cache removal feature, which also benefits iOS.

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