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Microsoft Edge for Mac Dev

Want to try and download the ready-made Microsoft Edge web browser for Mac? You can do it right now, without waiting for the final version.

Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Edge browser will initially work on the Mac platform, that is, you will not have to run Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 virtual machine, if you don’t want it, instead, Microsoft Edge will work as a normal Mac application. Microsoft Edge for Mac is based on Chromium and is being actively developed, and while it is in beta, two assemblies will be available for interested users; Canary night shift assembly and Dev weekly shift assembly. In the end, the final version will also be released to the general public. But you don’t need to wait for the final version to download and use Microsoft Edge for Mac browser right now, so if you want to try a new web browser on your Mac, follow the links below to download Edge for MacOS:

Microsoft Edge Beta for Mac

Launching and using the Microsoft Edge browser on Mac is similar to any other Mac application, since it is installed in the / Applications folder. After a little preliminary testing, despite the fact that it is a beta version of the developer, it seems to work fine and is stable enough for regular use.

Microsoft Edge Browser for Mac

Updates for Edge assemblies will come through the browser itself, as in Google Chrome (which is again based on Chromium).

Build Canary will receive updates daily, and Build Dev will receive updates weekly. You can install and try one or both (or none) on a Mac. If you just want to play with the browser and explore it, probably the Dev build is better suited for this.

These early Edge beta versions are probably best suited for developers, but they are sure to appeal to both tinkers and Windows users with Macs.

As you may already know, Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for Windows 10 (which you have long run on Boot Camp or on a Mac virtual machine), and Microsoft Edge for iPhone and iPad is also available, so if you like the browser on one platform, you can also use it on other devices to synchronize all your data between these platforms and browsers. And, if you have just enough Edge, you can even set it as your default web browser on a Mac if you want.

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