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How to fix a Zip file error. End of the central directory signature not found

In rare cases, you can try to unzip the zip archive and encounter an error that says “The signature of the end of the central catalog was not found. Either this file is not a zip-file, or it is a single disk from a multiple-part archive. In the latter case, the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on the last disk (s) of this archive. ” This guide will attempt to eliminate the errors of the zip file “End of the signature of the central directory was not found” when trying to unpack the archive.

To make a backup, the reason why you usually see the “Not found signature end of the central directory” error when working with a zip file is that the file is damaged, the file loading is incomplete, or it consists of several parts. The archive file and other components were not found, or the zip file is not in fact a zip archive file. The most likely reason why most users encounter this error when trying to unpack a zip archive is that the download of the zip file is either not completed or the zip archive is corrupted.

7 Troubleshooting for the Zip error “Signature of the end of the central directory not found”

Various solutions for fixing this zip error are usually one of the following, you can try any of them and see which ones work:

  • Re-download the zip archive from the source – a simple reload of the zip archive will most likely solve the problem if the download was interrupted or damaged in some way
  • Try downloading the zip archive from the mirror again (if possible)
  • Use a different download method for the zip file in question. For example, using another web browser or using curl to download a file
  • To extract the target zip archive, try another unzip program, for example, “unzip” on the command line, Unarchiver for Mac, jar, 7z, rar, gunzip, etc.
  • Try to restore the zip archive on the command line using the following syntax, replacing file names as necessary:
  • zip -FF --out | unzip

  • If the archive file consists of several parts, make sure that all the zip files are in the same directory.
  • Check the original zip file with sha1 or md5, if possible, this can tell you whether the file was damaged or changed in any way compared to what you intended to download.

This problem can occur in many situations when working with zip files. Usually the easiest way to solve a problem is to simply re-upload the file if it was damaged or the file was incomplete. However, sometimes you have to restore a file or use another zip application.

I recently encountered this problem several times when trying to set up a Signal messenger on a Mac, but I was eventually able to solve it by downloading Signal using curl instead of (admittedly outdated) web browser, which is a bit curious, but decided anyway. Using a different download method also often helps fix the unpacking loops of the CPGZ zip files and usually assumes that the file was damaged for one reason or another.

If you have any other tips, tricks, or suggestions for fixing the “End of the central catalog not found” postcode error, share them in the comments below!

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