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Want to know how to mark a letter as read or unread in Gmail? It's very simple, but it's also quite easy to miss, how to mark messages as read or mark as unread, so if you haven't figured out how to do this, still don't feel too bad.

It turns out that marking emails as read or unread in Gmail is actually the same in the webmail client, as in the Gmail app for iOS for iPhone and iPad, as well as for other platforms.

Read on to learn how to mark emails as unread or read in Gmail.

Mark emails as read or unread in Gmail

  1. Open Gmail if you have not already done so.
  2. Open the email you want to mark as “unread” or “read” in Gmail.
  3. Click the mail envelope icon to mark the message as read or unread.
  4. How to mark a message as read or unread in Gmail

  • Clicking on the open envelope icon will mark as read
  • Clicking the closed envelope icon will mark as unread.
  • Repeat with other letters to mark them as unread / read at will.
  • mark gmail as read or unread

    As mentioned earlier, marking the e-mail as read or marking the e-mail as unread is the same in a web browser based email client, as well as in the Gmail application for the iPhone and iPad (presumably, the same for Gmail for Android, but I’m not checked what exactly). This means that the mark as a read / unread process is the same for almost any platform on which you will use Gmail, be it iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook or something else.

    The exception is when you use a low-bandwidth, simplified HTML-based Gmail interface that is specifically marked with the Mark as read and Mark as unread buttons, or if you use the Gmail cursor buttons in the web client.

    In any case, now you know how to mark emails as read or unread in Gmail, so keep this in mind! This is especially useful if you use the trick to show unread messages in Gmail, because you can mark messages that will be displayed or not shown in this sort of incoming messages.

    The Gmail web client and the Gmail application for iOS offer excellent alternative email clients for Gmail users no matter what platform they are running. If you’re a Gmail user, you can use both or both depending on your specific needs and use cases. Of course, many users also simply add gmail accounts to their email clients, which is also good, and in this case, marking messages as read / unread will depend on the particular email program, and not on Gmail itself.

    If you know of any other tips or tricks for labeling messages as read / unread, or any other helpful Gmail tips, share them with us in the comments below.

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