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Safari on Mac can resume stopped downloads and restart failed downloads quite easily. For example, if you downloaded Xcode from Apple, but your Internet connection was interrupted and the download was stopped, you can resume the download from where it was interrupted, rather than restarting the entire download again. This is a great way to restart and resume unfinished downloads, regardless of why the file download failed, was interrupted or otherwise stopped, and it is available in Safari Download Manager on Mac OS.

How to Resume Partial Safari Downloads on Mac

  1. In Safari on Mac, click the "Downloads" button on the Safari toolbar; it looks like a downward arrow
  2. How to access Safari downloads on Mac to resume stopped downloads

  3. Find a stopped, stopped, or unsuccessful download, then click the orange round arrow button to try to resume the download.
  4. How to resume stop loading in Safari on Mac

  5. The file should resume downloading where it was interrupted.
  6. Resuming Safari File Upload on Mac

After the file, archive, image, or something else has finished downloading, it will appear in the Downloads folder on your Mac.

Please note that by default, Safari uploads files to the “Downloads” folder, but if you wish, you can change the download location of Safari on Mac. So, if you previously changed the download location, you would need to find it there.

If you really need to start downloading from scratch, often a simple way to do this is to copy the source URL to directly download the downloaded files from Safari and simply paste this address back into the URL string. Note that this approach does not always work with randomly generated CDN address loads. In the same way, you can find out where the file was downloaded to on Mac using Get Info in the Finder for the file, even if the file is only partially downloaded and not completed.

Some other web browsers also support resuming downloads of files, including Chrome, although the method of resuming downloads in Chrome is different from what is discussed here in Safari.

If you have other interesting tips, recommendations or comments on resuming downloads from Safari on Mac, share with us in the comments below!

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