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Share your current location with the iPhone in messages the quick way with the phrase

Suppose you are participating in a “Messages” conversation and want to quickly send someone your current location from the iPhone. In this scenario, you can go to the “Information / Call Details” section and use the Share Current Location feature, but did you know that there is an even faster way to instantly share your current location from the iPhone Messages app, which you can get access by typing alone?

This is about as simple as it happens, and sending someone your current location is thus fully initiated by entering a very short phrase on the iPhone in the Messages application.

This input phrase is simple:

"I'm in"

Do not click "Send" yet, but wait a bit and you will see the "Current Location" option on the quick entry panel. By clicking, you immediately get the current location so you can share it.

Here are the exact steps to see how this works, if you want to try it yourself:

How to share your current location using messages on iPhone

  1. Open the Messages app and go to any conversation or start a new conversation with someone who has iMessages
  2. Enter “I am in,” and then wait until the “Current location” appears on the QuickType keyboard and click on it.
  3. How to quickly transfer current location from messages to iPhone

  4. Send a message as usual to instantly share your current location in the Message conversation.

This is probably the fastest way to send someone your current location from the iPhone in the Messages app. It also works on the iPad, but for most users it’s probably more appropriate to share the location with the iPhone.

You must enable Location Services for Messages to have access to this feature, so if at some point you turned off Location Services, you will need to enable them again (at least at the system level for Messages).

In the same way, you need to make sure that the keyboard for quick entry is also visible, since this is what you will use to quickly access the current location option.

This is by no means the only way to share your location with the iPhone, and one of the most common is to use the Share Current Location feature in messages on an iPhone or iPad with a specific contact. But you can also use Maps, mark a place on Maps and share this location with iOS, use Find My Friends, use Siri to get your current location, get GPS coordinates from iPhone and send them to someone using a classic GPS device or a car GPS receiver and many third-party applications also support location services if you use another messaging application.

On the Mac side, this particular “I'm in” trick does not work, although a Mac user may be the recipient of a shared location. If you want to share a location with and from a Mac, it’s better to use Find My Friends on Mac OS to have similar functions.

Do you know any other useful messaging techniques, the iPhone ecosystem or Apple as a whole? Share with us in the comments below!

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