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ICloud Status Indicators in Mac Finder

If you are a Mac user who uses iCloud Drive to sync data and cloud storage, it may be useful for you to know that you can turn on the additional iCloud status indicator in Mac Finder.

ICloud status indicators in the Finder can tell you whether a file or folder is only in iCloud on a local Mac, not suitable for iCloud, waiting for download, transfer, etc. Please note that these iCloud status indicators are different from progress indicators, although If you prefer, you can also check the progress of uploading and downloading iCloud files on Mac OS.

How to enable iCloud status indicator for iCloud Mac folders

  1. Go to Mac Finder
  2. Mac Finder Icon

  3. Navigate to the iCloud Drive folder or, if you use iCloud Desktop and iCloud Documents *
  4. Switch the folder to the list view (click the browse list button or choose View> List).
  5. Minimize the View menu and select View Options.
  6. Check the “iCloud status” checkbox to enable the iCloud status indicator for the iCloud Drive folder.
  7. Close out view options

Once the iCloud status view option is enabled, it will be displayed as a column in the list view. Like other sorting columns, you can move them as you wish.

ICloud Status Indicators in Mac Finder

You can also right-click on the headers of the file list and select the “iCloud Status” switch from there, which is faster than the switch to the View Options settings panel.

How to show iCloud status indicator in Mac Finder

Please note that if you disabled iCloud Desktop and Documents folders on MacOS so that your desktop and documents are not loaded into iCloud, then this iCloud status indicator function will not be available for these directories, but will be limited by iCloud Drive. This means that the iCloud Status option is unavailable and unavailable.

If the iCloud status indicators are turned on, each time you copy files to iCloud Drive from a Mac or iCloud files are moved from Mac OS, you will see a change in the indicator for these files. Similarly, if there are other actions in the iCloud folders, this will also be displayed with the iCloud status indicator.

If you often put data in iCloud Drive or in the Documents or Desktop folder with iCloud support, you might want to consider adding iCloud Drive to your Mac docking station for quick access. It can also be useful to monitor the progress of downloading files and folders that are transferred to iCloud from a Mac.

Any tips or advice about iCloud status indicators in the Mac Finder? Share them with us in the comments!

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