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How to stop auto-capitalization of words on iPhone and iPad

The iOS keyboard has a default setting that automatically enters a new word that is entered after the end of the sentence. This auto-capital letter applies to the first character of any word typed after a certain period, and although many iPhone and iPad users like this feature, as it can speed up typing on iOS keyboards, some users may not like it.

If you want to disable the automatic capitalization of words after a period in iOS, read on to learn how to do this.

Note that the autocapitalization feature is different from the autocorrection feature on the iPhone and iPad, although many users confuse them. In fact, they have two different functions, controlled by two different settings. If you want to disable autocorrection in iOS, then blah.asdlfasdl

How to stop the automatic use of capital letters at the beginning of sentences in iOS

To disable the autocapitalization of words at the beginning of a new sentence or after a period, simply do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app in iOS
  2. Go to "General", and then in the "Keyboard"
  3. Find "Autocapitalization" and turn off
  4. How to disable the auto-capitalization of words in iOS

  5. Output settings

Now, when a sentence ends and a new one begins, or a point is inserted and a word is entered, the letter beginning the word will not automatically be capitalized by default. Enabling or disabling this option will depend entirely on your personal preferences, so use what you like best on your iPhone or iPad.

Note. If you are using an iPad with an external keyboard, you may have noticed that setting changes are not transferred when using a hardware keyboard. This is due to the fact that in fact there are special settings specific to hardware keyboards connected to the iPad, so if you want to apply the changes to the hardware keyboard, go to the hardware keyboard settings section, where you can also disable auto-correction on the iPad hardware . keyboard and automatic period setting switching if desired too.

How to enable autocap on iPhone and iPad

To enable autocapitalization of words at the beginning of a sentence or after a period that is the default setting in iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app in iOS
  2. Go to "General" and then select "Keyboards"
  3. Find the parameter "Autocapitalization" and turn it on.

Again, you can have separate settings for iOS keyboards, which are hardware compared to the on-screen software keyboard, but in fact they only differ for iPad users who use hardware keyboards. But if you need consistency between your keyboard games, you can make changes in both places.

This obviously applies to the iPhone and iPad, but you disable this feature because you don’t like it at all, you may be interested in turning off capitalized words on a Mac.

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