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iOS 13 Beta and iPadOS Beta

Now that iOS 13 beta 1 and iPadOS beta 1 are freely available for testing by developers, an increasing number of curious users are looking for ways to download and install the latest beta software on their iPhones and iPads to try out all the fancy new products. functions.

Technically, anyone can install the beta version of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 on their devices right now, simply using the appropriate IPSW files for their particular device compatible with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. But this does not mean that you should.

Why launching iOS 13 beta or iPadOS is a bad idea?

Running a beta version of software for developers is simply not a good idea for a regular iPhone or iPad user.

The initial beta versions of any new operating system are known to contain errors, work slowly and are prone to problems that will not be in later releases of the operating system, and iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 are no different.

Many users who have installed the beta version of iOS 13 on the beta version of the iPhone or iPadOS on the iPad have already found that the software often fails, the battery is quickly discharged, some applications are incompatible or do not work as expected, iCloud has oddities Note may disappear or reappear after deletion, and there may be many other problems that simply will not be obvious in the final release of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 when it comes out this fall.

Perhaps worst of all, launching a beta version of system software can lead to irreversible data loss on a running device or even a “brick” device that needs to be restored using more complex mechanisms than what the average iPhone or user is ready for. iPad. perform.

Who are the developers of the beta versions of iOS and iPadOS at the time?

So who should run these early builds of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13? The answer is pretty obvious; Developers!

If you are a developer or someone who needs for some other reason to test the latest versions of future software builds, by all means go to the Apple Developer page, join the $ 99 annual membership program, and download and install the beta versions. iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and MacOS Catalina.

But I can download iOS 13 IPSW files now!

If the source of the IPSW files is Apple, you should ignore it. You should never download from an unreliable source.

In this case, the only reliable source of legitimate IPSW for iOS 13 or iPadOS will be Apple and the developer download page at

Do not download anything claiming to be iOS 13 or iPadOS, from anywhere other than Apple.

Do you want to get beta testing iOS 13 and iPadOS? Wait for a public beta version of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, macOS Catalina

For those who are not developers, more curious and those who just want to work and beta test the upcoming release of system software, a much better solution would be to wait for the public beta version of iOS 13, the public beta version of iPadOS 13 and MacOS Catalina. public beta.

When does the iOS 13 public beta begin? How do I get involved?

Apple said that the public beta testing of new releases of iOS, ipadOS and macOS will begin in July.

Anyone can register for the beta program at

Participation in the public beta for iOS 13, iPadOS and MacOS Catalina is free.

Although publicly available beta assemblies will still contain bugs and are prone to problems that will not be in the final builds of system software, they will be significantly advanced in the development process compared to current builds for developers of beta versions of system software and will offer significantly better beta experience.

In addition, the iOS public beta, ipadOS public beta, and macOS public beta are specifically designed for wider beta testing, which is why they are called the public beta, while the developer beta is really only for developers.

Therefore, despite the salivation of the functions of iOS 13 and iPadOS, as well as MacOS Catalina, if you feel the need to install the beta version of the software now, just wait, the public beta version is not far off, and the final stable builds will be released in this fall.

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